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Pintando Caminos
Pintando Caminos
2011 brought us involvement in a charity that has really touched our hearts..................
Pintando Caminos

Deborah Nixon Cadwallader (centre - back row)   Dave Cadwallader (fourth from the right- back row)   Alexander Tamara- Founder( Third from the right-back row)

A close friend of Debbie's (Dave Cadwallader's wife), Alexandra Tamara has created a foundation in the South of Bogota. Which is the capital of Colombia, in South America.
The foundation has been set up to support the poor children of this Bario. They provide regular meals, support, councilling, education and most of all a sense of security to children who would otherwise have nothing. They try to teach them that they can better themselves, they can achieve goals and they can make a better life.
These children live in conditions that we wouldn't even imagine, in a world of uncertainty and fear, poverty and low self esteem.
Dave Cadwallader and his wife Debbie went to the foundation in August of 2011 with their daughter. They wanted her to come with them, to show her how other children live and to visualise why she should never take things for granted.
As a treat for the children Georgia (Dave Cadwallader's daughter) Sang for them.........it was a very moving experience for all of us. Georgia found the experience very touching. She was shocked by how children of her age have to live and the hardships they have to endure. She had a wonderful time with them and became very popular.....she will now keep in contact with the children she met and we aim to return to see them again soon.


 Dave Cadwallader walking through the bario                                     Georgia Nixon Cadwallader with some of her new friends


The bario....Cuidad Bolivar, Bogota.                                                       The foundation


These children have nothing....but what they do have is a smile, through everything that they endure in their day to day life they still find a smile that would melt your heart.
The foundation is called " Pintando Caminos". They are a non profit making organisation who spend every penny on these children.
Take a look at their site........
http://www.pintandocaminos.com        (spanish version)
You can also find them on facebook........ just search for Pintando Caminos
Very little money goes a long way for these children.......if you feel you could help then contact Alex through their website and she will be over the moon to hear from you.
We have personally been here, seen their work...met the children....heard their stories and know that everything this foundation receives goes towards a better life for them.


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