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What can Thackway & Cadwallader do for your listed property?

Entrusting your listed home or property to a builder is no small undertaking. Your builder needs to understand the structure, understand the materials, have the skills to work with both old and new, and have the passion to want to keep history alive. A property is listed because it has features from times gone by, that need to be preserved. Choosing the wrong builder can be hugely detrimental, as these buildings need care and attention and an understanding of the delicate way in which the project should be approached.

Our team has worked on many listed properties, notably- Hampton Court Palace, Hartlebury Castle, The Hurd Library, as well as countless private homes and properties.

If you have a listed property and you want a quality builder that knows what your property needs, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.


Thackway & Cadwallader

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